This is hilarious if you ask me... You can bet that trump will get impeached. Anyone interested in the odds?

Paddy Power put him at 40%.... I wonder what the circumstances are though...

Wasn't there a guy that actually won a lot of money in a bet because trump won?

I've done a bit of reading and it looks like most of the time, when it comes to betting on politics its a big win or big loose that most people will face.

Look at what the guy at paddy power said :

“From a betting perspective, Donald Trump’s presidency has triggered a massive boom for these kinds of markets,” said Alex Donohue, the PR manager of Ladbrokes, told Politico . “With Donald Trump, everything he does, it can be turn into speculation, and that can be turned into gambling.”

Maybe I should pay more attention to politics?

"Speculation becomes odds"...well duuh. I think he won't get impeached but its so unpredicatable im not ready to bet cash on this

When you think about how the public is reacting.... this might be something worth betting on.

I'd bet on him going through a full mandate

I'd better it no longer matters either way. Seriously though, it's unlikely he's going anywhere - you don't scale that kind of mountain (the election) with the entire western media against you, to give up at the top.

gingerMaybe I should pay more attention to politics?

It's not politics, it's closer to a reality show now.

I tried to read the entire article and I could not stop laughing.

Well probably things are gonna heat up, but listen I dont think he's as stupid as bush.

I wonder who he'll insult next?

Tnx for link