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Unikrn Invests In CS:GO Team?

Unikrn invests in CS:GO team, e-sports is big on the rise and this is sign. E-sports is a new place to bet and its just as fun to watch as regular sports.

Dubai World Cup?

Dubai world cup is gonna be the first event to be broadcast on planes and ships. Dubai is one of those places where people have so much money that if you can dream it, you could...

Bets On What Chery And Liam Payne Will...

So bookies are taking bets on what this celeb couple will name their baby. There is a whole list with odds depending on names that are possibilities. Anyone got an opinion on...

Political Betting.

This is starting to grow and someone apparently recently bet £900,000 on the Scottish referendum. Apparently even bookmakers are jumping on to the band wagon.

Playtech Rolling Out Big Prizes?

You guys heard about playtech rolling out £500,000 in grand prizes for a lot of their games?

Betting On Trump Is Big Business Now.

So we had a post here a few weeks back about how people are betting whether trump will be impeached or not. Well it looks like that has grown into such a market that our friends...

March Madness?

Is someone checking out the March Madness? NCAA 2017 tournament weekend is estimated to have about $10.4 billion on it. This is when it gets super crazy...

Brexit Gamble

Anybody heard anything these bets?

Kansas Jayhawks Vs. Baylor Bears

Its college basketball but any takers??


Some places are letting us play with bitcoins.. has anyone come across this yet?

La La Land VS Manchester By The Sea

Who do you think is gonna sweep the most Oscars? Its a close call between La La Land vs Manchester by the Sea ...

Casino Slots

Anybody got some suggestions for a good amount of casino slots?

Arsenal Vs Sutton United ( The Pie Eater...

So Betfair have odds of 5/1 that arsenal wins. Another fool's bet to go against.

Sutton Goalie's Pie Stunt

I think the sutton goalie was an absolute idiot to do this. I mean could the guy have done anything more obvious? It's no surprise the FA launched a betting probe into this....

Poker Suggestions?

Hey guys Found this list of poker games that you can play for free. ...

Boston Celtics Vs. Chicago Bulls

Boston Celtics look to be favorites to win this one.. Especially since they won 5 straight games. Any NBA gamblers here?

Bad News For Our Russian Friends

Looks like Russia is passing laws that stop people and banks from making international payments to online gambling. Looks like lots more people crossing their borders to go on...

Arsenal Getting A Beating Against Bayern...

Who saw that game? Arsenal were dragged through the mud in that... I'm getting disappointed with british football right now

Manchester United 6/1 To Beat Saint-Etienne

While we all know who would win. If anyone bets on Saint-Etienne and wins, they will go home with a very neat package

KAJOT Casino Blackjack Review

A classic Blackjack for classic casino game lovers. KAJOT casino has given players the opportunity to enjoy one of the all-time favourites from the comfort of your home. The...
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