Tories are now as low as 1/25 to take the most seats at this year's General Election. People went crazy at the snap announcements. What do you guys think?


The conservatives are have a 1/14, and I think you mean 25/1 for the tories

People think May is gonna keep her position and win again.

Well technically she didnt win last time....

fair point... but the conservatives are considered the favourites to win

I got a mate who said he keeps hearing that people are betting serious money on this

You don't need a friend to tell you that mate

Everyone is thinking that May will win again, i think she's gonna get dragged through the mud.

Corbyn just shot up in the poll. He offered more bank holidays and people loved it.

A lot of people are happy to voice their concerns about May but are only too happy to speak favorably towards Corbyn