Looks like Borgata is under new management. Maybe they'll have better customer service now that a big name like MGM have taken over

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I thought MGM only have land casinos. Like the MGM grand resort and casino.

They recently had the MGM Mirage which is an online casino.... It looks like a lot of people from specific countries arent allowed to play which doesnt make any sense to me. The games also take their time to load and thats something i cant stand. I hate looking at a loading screen for more than a minute.

The games are fun though and once loaded they are pretty quick. Also dont expect a huge starting bonus, it's quite small when you compare it to other places and considering its MGM you'd think they could afford a bigger one....

Yeah but you can bet that their systems won't be rigged. A brand like MGM would never risk their credibility as far as fairness goes. I've tried the games at the MGM Mirage online and while I did have to wait to load the game i thought it was worth it.

I never had any problems with Borgata customer service. They were cool with me. Lately they dont seem to be as popular as they used to be. especially with the amount of players to play poker with. i think mgm might not be a good thing for Borgata.

Borgata are one of the biggest places for online poker. They're biggest competition is Pokerstars and they are fairly new. MGM just needs to advertise Borgatas games more and they will stay on top for a while....

I play on Borgata games. I just hope they dont reset how much i won but havent cashed out yet

Are you joking? There is no reason that should happen. And there is no way a company as big as MGM would allow that to happen.

All im saying is that screw ups can happen

Not in this case. I mean come on. do you have any idea how many lawsuits they'd have??? Not to mention they could loose their liscence to operate

As long as the poker remains the same- Im happy

I don't see why it shouldn't. Unless they bring forward a better game then they would probably leave it as it is. Don't fix what isn't broken is probably what they will do.

Exactly... they'll use that game and just focus on promotions. If only they could make the sign up boneses bigger.

but why are the signup bonuses so small??? Most other places give you such a bigger payout. youd think they could afford it.

yea but they don't make you bet as many times as other places to actually cashout.

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