I need some help as to building a strategy?

Well that depends for what you're playing? Could you be more specific?

for poker, these POKER TIPS are pretty solid

I've used the poker strategy info from that place. I found it really useful to start understanding the game and building a strategy Emotion: smile

I actually took a look at them and they do seem to give a fair introduction to anyone just starting to play poker.

There are plenty of websites to play poker on. Depends if you want to play against a computer or other people because that makes a huge difference.

I know it sounds weak but even without seeing their faces, people still have what poker players call tells or give-aways though you can spot them only if you play against the same player time and time again.

Yeah but if anyone is smart enough, all they need to do is change their screen name. There goes your plan out the window...

Some places don't let you change your screen name but i see your point