Ive heard about these things but im interested if this really works?

This russian guy made a cheat that he tested in san francisco, famous Platinum casino, it worked on most of the machines but te method is a questionable

Also if anyone knows the difference between online and landline cheats?

Cheats differ from casino to casino, no universal cheat. they also differ whether its a land casino or online.

you will still need some luck

The thing is the cheat could work....if....the machine in san francisco is for example the same machine in london with the same software and the same game type. if everything is exactly the same. yes it should work. the likelihood of it being exactly the same in every way is a really tall order

I would not recommend trying this in a real casino. You'll be booted out faster than you can ask "Whats going on?" if they suspect you...

I read the news article, it sounds plausible that the machine's code would have vulnerabilities but the fact that the guy was just holding his iphone next to the screen, leaving the machine and then return and start playing again to get huge payouts is a bit of a weird one.

i dont think you can hack the machine just by holding a iphone up to the screen---can you?

Well you could always give it a go yourself... but if we hear about you on the news we'll know it worked

Convicted of gambling fraud is hardly the description i want for myself so thanks but no thanks hahaha

it does make you wonder though doesn't it....

Of course it makes you wonder. What gambler wouldn't be enticed with having the inside scoop and a chance to win every time they played.

Having that inside scoop would be like walking in the street and picking up packets labelled as free money.

This isn't the first time someone figured out a trick with a slot machine you know. Plenty of other stories are out there about people finding loopholes in older machines.