Kansas Jayhawks Vs. Baylor Bears

Its college basketball but any takers??

Arsenal Getting A Beating Against Bayern...

Who saw that game? Arsenal were dragged through the mud in that... I'm getting disappointed with british football right now

Boston Celtics Vs. Chicago Bulls

Boston Celtics look to be favorites to win this one.. Especially since they won 5 straight games. Any NBA gamblers here?

Manchester United 6/1 To Beat Saint-Etienne

While we all know who would win. If anyone bets on Saint-Etienne and wins, they will go home with a very neat package

Bad News For Our Russian Friends

Looks like Russia is passing laws that stop people and banks from making international payments to online gambling. Looks like lots more people crossing their borders to go on...

Microgaming And Pokerstars Sign Top-Tier...

Looks like PokerStars are getting bigger. I think they're the best place for poker at the moment.

LAC 2017 - I Missed This. Did Anybody...

Has anyone seen any new on this years London Affiliate Conference?

Horse Races

Where do you guys get the odds for horse race betting? ...

Betting On Trump Impeachment Or Resignation...

This is hilarious if you ask me... You can bet that trump will get impeached. Anyone interested in the odds?

MGM Online Casino Takes Control Of Borgata

Looks like Borgata is under new management. Maybe they'll have better customer service now that a big name like MGM have taken over

What About Russian Cheat For Slot Machines...

Ive heard about these things but im interested if this really works? This russian guy made a cheat that he tested in san francisco, famous Platinum casino, it worked on most...

KAJOT Casino Blackjack Review

A classic Blackjack for classic casino game lovers. KAJOT casino has given players the opportunity to enjoy one of the all-time favourites from the comfort of your home. The...

Casino Slots

Anybody got some suggestions for a good amount of casino slots?


Hey guys I found this new online blackjack game that's pretty straight forward to play and it's got decent payouts. Anybody tried this one before?

Strategy Tips

I need some help as to building a strategy?

First Post :)

Testing testing testing.. Stuff is mental right now. Let's see